Marilyn Webster

detail of Marilyn Webster's weavingWhimsy & Tea

679 Whately Road
Conway, MA 01341

Cotton textiles for cooking and dining – kitchen towels, table napkins and table runners – are the heart of my work.

I weave with a desire to bring joy, beauty and nourishment to people as they go about daily life. We spend a big part of our life doing everyday things – cooking meals, washing dishes, doing laundry. These tasks have become devalued, yet they are an important part of how we care for ourselves and others. So when we give our attention to, and beautify, our homekeeping tasks, routines become rituals of mindful nourishment and self-care.

Plus I love weaving – the meditative rhythms, the mathematical patterns, the chance to play with color, and working with my hands.

A couple years ago I added cotton that is sustainably grown in California, Texas and New Mexico to my repertoire. I’ve grown to love the subtle colors of this colorgrown cotton (meaning the green and brown are in the cotton itself).